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Basslet becomes one of the Top 5 German crowdfunding campaigns

We like Berlin, and its drive for innovation in music technology. Daniel Büttner was not so long ago one of our contacts at Ableton, and meanwhile is the founder of Lofelt - a company that develops an innovative wearable that brings the bass right onto your arm. Not only that, they also managed to enter Germany's hall of fame for crowdfunding projects.

Here is a bit more on them, and their product as some of you might want to use this while making music.

A wearable subwoofer for your body

That pretty much says it all. In today's world we're literally encapsulated by a vast amount of offers for headsets in different styles, color, etc. Neither of those can replicate the feeling of bass, the low range frequencies, hitting our bodies with force and causing those tactile sensations that music, when listened in a club environment, concert hall or studio, brings along.

Enter the realm of Daniel Büttner, who thought of a way to bring exactly that sensation to you when not in one of those environments; i.e. when using headphones, and probably being somewhere on the road. Using an oscillating motor in a wearable, controlled by software for precise frequency replication, and strapping that to your arm is what he and his team came up with after many hours of experimentation, sourcing, fine-tuning, etc.

Having crafted a prototype, the next logical step was to ask early backers of new technology to support their project. And, we dare say, it went well: they raked in a total of nearly €600k in pledges, and are now able to fund the production of their device. The first devices should ship by end of the year.

Interested? Head over to Kickstarter to find out more about the Basslet.

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