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Auto-routing to most popular DAWs in the standalone version of Liquid Notes

While some of you may well be aware of this feature, it is still worth mentioning as it provides a great level of comfort: with one-click only the MIDI routing settings to your DAW are established automatically, so you can get going with your project immediately.

Granted, this is not available for all DAWs - find out more hereafter.

MIDI routing to DAWs and notation software in Liquid Notes

The standalone version of Liquid Notes establishes the MIDI routing between any sequencer or notation software on a system level. This has the great benefit of supporting all types of digital music production software on the market, giving you maximum flexibility in choosing the software you prefer.

When developing Liquid Notes we realized that the process for establishing the routing between applications can be cumbersome. Hence, we decided to embark on a mission to set the routing settings for you automatically - to make a long story short, this has resulted in a wizard which asks you to tell us which DAW you are using when opening a project. Upon selecting a DAW from the available options Liquid Notes will set the routing settings accordingly, with little else for you to do. Instructions are provided for the latter, in case you still need to adjust a setting in the DAW.

This is made possible by us having found a way to read out certain settings of the DAW. At present only the most popular DAWs are supported, in the future we may be able to expand this list.

In case your DAW isn't listed when opening a project, select 'Other' and find the routing instructions on our Help page. It's normally a straight-forward process and doesn't require much time at all before you're ready to go.

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