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Audio effects plug-in Spexx is now ready for pre-order at a reduced price

Our first audio effects plug-in is nearly ready for delivery. Spexx is a powerful tool for the creation of unique soundscapes, made possible by highly effective and precise algorithms for spectral manipulation of an audio signal. All packaged into a light-weight user interface, for the highest level of interactivity.

Continue reading to find out more about the newest member of our product family.

Create a wide range of effects

Spexx has it all: it features two processing stages and seven individual effects for interactive spectral manipulations of sound. It is those effect modules that can be used in modular fashion within the plug-in, while multi-core support enables a glitch-free real-time performance when pushing your machine to the limit. More than that, the algorithms work like a precise medical tool – there are no distortions over the entire range of signal manipulation.

It doesn't stop there. Gain compensation and IN/OUT trim controls are also there to prevent clippings.

And then there is the user interface: it's simple, yet highly interactive and equally effective in allowing you to create all kind of effects in no time – from unusual, beautifully sounding reverbs to experimental spectral transformations.

Presets created by artists have been licensed to give you a solid starting point, no matter if you are a sound designer, musician, EDM producer or else.

And, as with I2C8, Spexx also fully supports VST/AU.

Not convinced yet? Check out the video above or click here to learn more about it.

Pre-order now and get access to the beta version

Spexx is nearly ready, we're in the final stages of testing now. Gain compensation and presets are yet to be included, and the final user interface implemented. Other than that, it is fully functional today.

Therefore, we offer you to buy the software today at a reduced price and get immediate access to the beta version. Find all specifics here.

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