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Mastermind Keynote on the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Music Instruments

We're stoked today, 'cause finally there is a conference that puts artificial intelligence and music instruments forward as a topic of discussion. And it's not a small conference either, A3E is where all major names in the music tech & gear business attend. Even better that we've been selected to be part of the round of panelists for the keynote.

And that is absolutely awesome! There will be Marcus Ryle of Line 6, Steven Slate of Slate Digital, David Mash of Berklee College of Music along with our Stefan M. Oertl, and Scott Kirschner from the Boston Globe moderating the panel discussion.

What a huge honor to speak there, we're really blessed for this opportunity!

A3E = Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange and Conference

Why is this important, some of you may ask. Here is an answer by Doug DeAngelis, the A3E Conference Chair: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a Sci-Fi myth, but a core component in the creative tools that are redefining the Musical Instrument landscape. A3E will explore how Artificial and Algorithmic Intelligence is being implemented in audio technology today, and how the brightest innovators see it used in the future. There is no question that the creative role of machines is changing dramatically, and the future of production will require us to adapt and embrace the machine as a creative partner. Whether you're a developer, an artist, an educator, or a manufacturer, AI is going to have a profound impact on your business and your art".

That sums it up in a nutshell, and is a great outline of the changes that the world of music instruments is going to see in the very near future. Liquid Notes, though not entirely powered by artificial intelligence, is a first step towards a new musical instrument that is intelligent. And there's plenty more on the market reflecting that artificial intelligence and music instruments may soon move from being on the sidelines to becoming the centre of attention for the whole industry.

So, join us in Boston in September at A3E Conference and listen in what the brightest minds in computer & music technology have to say on this topic. And of course, to have a chat with us!

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