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Antivirus or Internet security software causing an error ".. not sufficient privileges"

Over the past weeks a few users have reported receiving an error message "The service doesn't have sufficient privileges. Please reinstall." after first installation or an update of Liquid Notes. This results in you not being able to use Liquid Notes, or complete the authorization of the software.

We have investigated this problem now, and identified the root cause and a procedure to fix this issue.

No sufficient rights for the license management service

Liquid Notes is equipped with a license manager that handles authorisation and trial period. A handful of users of Windows 7 and 8 machines have recently reported an issue with the license manager of Liquid Notes reporting an error message "The service doesn't have sufficient privileges. Please reinstall.". This may appear on first installation of Liquid Notes on your system, or after you have made an update of our software, and points to an issue of the operating system not assigning sufficient rights to the license manager to perform its task.

There are two possible reasons for this problem to arise: a patch by Microsoft delivered automatically as part of a system update to you, or antivirus / Internet security software. In both cases the license manager of Liquid Notes isn't assigned sufficient user rights which keeps it from performing its regular function. Consequently, Liquid Notes is unusable.

We have put together two FAQ entries should you have run into this problem. Find here instructions if you run ESET Smart Security on your system, and here if the Microsoft patch returns the above error.

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