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Another Review: Top rating for Liquid Notes. Makes music compositions significantly more interesting

Liquid Notes receives another top rating and an award

Our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes, received yet another top rating, great feedback, and an award in an in-depth review by

A rating of "Good+" (1.5) and the editor’s statement that "alterations are applied to the whole arrangement, including the melody line, and not only to a single instrumental track, is close to magic" is a strong testimonial of what our music software is capable of.

It comes as no surprise that, as a consequence of such a great test result, the editor awarded the software with the "buenasideas TIPP".

Top rating for Liquid Notes took a very close look at our intelligent music production tool within the scope of their extensive review of Liquid Notes. Summed up briefly, the editor liked the fact that the software’s reharmonization capabilities lead to amazing results and that working with Liquid Notes is fun.

Of particular interest was the live mode. That is the possibility to jam "on the fly", using the computer keyboard or a MIDI-keyboard, to a composition. Liquid Notes will correct the user's input (notes) and adjust it in real-time so it fits perfectly from a listening perspective to the original piece played.

Other MIDI-devices, like guitars, can be connected to make use of the live mode, too.

Second to this, but of equal importance to them, is the fact that Liquid Notes allows for multi-track alterations of an entire arrangement. In that case the alterations "are applied to the whole arrangement, including the melody line, and not only to just a single instrumental track."

They stressed this as being "close to magic".

It led the editors to conclude that "Liquid Notes has a huge potential to make music compositions significantly more interesting" through sophisticated variation of harmonic movement and thus generating more overall tension to a piece without the user having to study music and the theory of harmony for a long time..

That last statement is the strongest credential awarded to our music software yet. Thank you for that!

Taking the right steps

Great results in reviews don't come by chance. We have spent the past 12 months improving Liquid Notes relentlessly. The amount of hours invested engaging with customers and experts, collecting lots of feedback from them in the process, is sheerly incredible.

It is all about taking the right steps to make your product better. Today, we are happy that Liquid Notes has reached a level of maturity that is good at least, and which is reflected by the results of reviews and the awards we have collected.

It is our promise to continue listening to you very closely, and make Liquid Notes even better!

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