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More Control: An interactive song overview for better navigation

This has been one of the most requested features, and today we're happy to announce its implementation: an interactive song overview displays the entire song, complete with all chord regions.

So, why interactive you ask? Well, because as always this is just a first step and there is more to be added soon. Let us explain.

More control, and better navigation in Liquid Notes

There's a new addition to the user interface of Liquid Notes: on top of the loop bar you’ll find the interactive song overview displaying all chord regions at once. So you’ll always know which segment of your song you’re working on.

Screenshot of Liquid Notes

It also comes with a slider frame that allows you to select the region to focus on. You may also use it to zoom in and out of a piece, just as you do with the zoom bar at the bottom of the user interface. Dragging the frame takes you to different sections of the piece.

Independent from the length of your song and the amount of chords, the whole piece will be on display. If there are too many chords in it, the chord symbols will be replaced by dots instead. This shows you where you are in the song and what it’s made up of.

How to make the song overview interactive

The song overview is a perfect way to indicate identical and similar segments. That could be verse and chorus, but also much smaller regions. And this is a really peculiar starting point for editing harmony or adding chords. So there's a broader concept behind all this.

Expect the readout of corresponding segments to be introduced with an update by early September. Step by step, the upcoming versions will comprise additional features such as multi-channel MIDI import from Ableton Live, dropdown lists for an immediate chord selection, and a much more intuitive GUI. We are also planning to include a special piano roll.

What’s more, we’ll increase the IQ of Liquid Notes for some “magic tricks”. More about that is to follow soon--when the time has come ...

Anything else new in this version?

True to our word: plenty, as always. Here's a summary of further additions and changes.

We have separated the loop bar from the timeline for a smoother handling of both elements. Links on the Welcome Screen and in the Menu guide you directly to our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

The routing wizard comprises a range of new options for automatic routing to sequencers, which now includes: Logic, Live, Cubase, and Studio One. The Routing Settings offer a functionality for automated routing now.

And we have changed the behavior of the trial version: When the 30-day free trial period has expired, you can now continue using Liquid Notes with limited functionality, i.e. file save and export as well as routing to external devices will be deactivated.

Don't wait for the next update, get Liquid Notes now!

Of course this is your decision to make. Our promise is that we will keep on making Liquid Notes a better and greater product based on your feedback.

We recommend you get your license of Liquid Notes today, as the Summer Special Offer from our partner Best Service and other participating retailers continues only until end of the month. It gives you our software for €129 / $139, with all updates of the next weeks included! Read more about it on our blog.

To upgrade to this latest version of Liquid Notes, or to simply try it, download it from our website and install it!

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