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All relevant information on pre-ordering our audio effects plug-in

Today marks the day our first audio effects plug-in, Spexx, was announced. For us, having come from a pure MIDI-based technology, that's history in the making. And with that, we're offering Spexx at a reduced price for a limited time.

Here is everything you need to know.

Placing a pre-order for Spexx

As of today, it is possible to make a pre-order for Spexx on our website. Click "Buy" on the page "Home" and select "Spexx" in the checkout window.

Be aware that this is a pre-order, with the plug-in to be released only later. See details below.

Frequently asked questions regarding pre-orders:

  • How long is the pre-order for Spexx valid?
    This offer is valid until December 5th, 2018.

  • Is there any crossgrade offer available?
    Yes, owners of Re-Compose products are eligible for a special crossgrade price. It will become available with the release of the software.

    Customers who previously bought from us will be notified by email, all others will be informed by their local dealer.

  • Can I place a pre-order at my preferred dealer?
    Yes, dealers have been given access to this offer, too. Please note that not all dealers might actually be offering it – ask your dealer if the offer is not listed.

  • Is there a demo of Spexx I can download?
    No, at this stage the software is in beta status. This may result in performance issues, bugs, etc., which would skew the overall impression you may get.

    Please check the product page for detailed information, including videos, screenshots, etc.

  • What is the status of the software today?
    The beta version of Spexx is fully functional, with all audio effects implemented and the entire package tested extensively. Feedback has been excellent so far.

    As of today, full integration of the license management system, update of the user interface, gain compensation, and creation of presets are not completed yet.

  • What is delivered with my pre-order?
    Upon completion of the transaction, you'll receive the license key for the product which provides you with access to the full version of the software. Once the product is released, you can download it and use this license key to activate it immediately.

    Also, we grant you access to the beta version of Spexx within 24 hours after the purchase was made.

  • When will the software be delivered?
    We aim to deliver Spexx by end of the year.

  • Which features will the first version of Spexx include?
    Everything that is included in the product video and/or listed on the product page.

Use the comments section to ask any other questions you may have!

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