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Algorithmic intelligence innovation invades music at A3E Conference

This week has been really exciting for us. We attended A3E Conference in Boston where we joined the opening keynote discussion on "The Future of Artificial Intelligence + Music Instruments" flanked by industry heavyweights, Marcus Ryle (Line 6), Steven Slate (Slate Digital), David Mash (Berklee), and Scott Kirsner (The Boston Globe).

Here's a short summary on what we learned there.

A3E Audio Developers Conference

The two-day A3E event was featuring participating companies, vendors and cutting-edge apps, software, hardware, instruments, and audio products that are radically changing digital studios, production and performance, and unleashing the creative process like never before.

Keynotes were geared towards professional musicians, record producers, film composers, television composers, musical directors, sound designers, mastering engineers, recording engineers, audio-visual mixers, professional songwriters, web/audio integrators/designers, video game composers, DJs, remixers, etc.

With a couple of thousand attendees, the conference was rather small compared to established ones like NAMM, but there the who is who of the industry could be found and informally approached. Being there among one’s fellow industry partners felt a bit like reuniting with family. The immediate vicinity to Berklee College of Music, Harvard University, and MIT attracted some of their staff and students and spanned an academic envelope of noticeable quality over the event.

For a discussion on the keynote on music and AI and further reading on the conference, read these articles by TechRepublic and MMMMAven.

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