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Adding functionality to Liquid Notes and other work during Summer 2016

This summer is going to be a busy period for us. There is much work being done on adding new functionality to Liquid Notes, and preparations for work on the music theory course are on the way for a start by mid-year.

Learn more about our efforts in this post.

Identifying new functionality for Liquid Notes

For the past two years we have collected a lot of feedback on what it is that you'd like to see added to Liquid Notes. Much has revolved around being able to start creating a music composition from scratch, which requires users to create or add chords in our intelligent chord progression management software. Others are focused on providing more information about the underlying music theory.

So far none of the asked for features could be added. This is primarily because Liquid Notes wasn't designed for such a purpose, and no technology modules are readily available that could be added to it. It is the latter that is changing now, with more pieces of technology coming onto the market now.

Consequently, this summer we are taking a good look at what possibilities there are to add some of these modules to Liquid Notes. Doing this enables us to provide clarity on how and what new features can be added.

In parallel to this effort, work on the music theory course remains on schedule to start by mid-year. As reported earlier, this is led by Ariane Cap, an expert in music education.

An update on this work will follow after the summer.

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