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Ableton Live 10 is here and brings a wealth of new features

Ableton Live is growing up. Version 10 makes a lot of the things users loved about previous versions better, and adds Max for Live integration directly to Live 10 Suite. No more additional downloads required, it's all part of one big family now.

What else have we discovered? Read on to learn more.

Ableton Live 10 is now available

Live 10 comes with a range of new devices, and also brings along numerous improvements to the workflow. The integration with Push has been reworked, with the former now also being more capable and featuring a step sequencer layout.

A curated library enables you to have the right sound at your fingertips at any moment. The direct integration of Max for Live helps you add any effects or tools and use those more powerfully than ever before.

Find more information on Live 10 on their website.

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