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Ableton purchases Cycling '74, makers of Max and Max for Live

Those of you working with Liquid Notes for Live will be well aware of Max for Live, the software used for communication with Ableton Live. And, which since inception, has enabled the creation of multiple Max for Live patches, primarily for use with Ableton Live.

It's been a long relationship between the two companies, with Ableton now having acquired Cycling '74.

Deeper collaboration between Ableton Live and Max for Live

The acquisition was announced only a day ago. Read this post if you want to know more about the decisions that led to the acquisition, and how both companies came along. It's a fascinating piece, highlighting the major events in the history of each entity.

The important take away from this story is that both companies have been working more or less mutually exclusive with, and for, each other for nearly twenty years now. That's been long enough to understand each other really well, and make this move now.

As the post explains with links to numerous interviews, there is no risk to anyone owning software from either of the companies. Business will continue normally, yet the collaboration between both entities will be strengthened. That should be a plus for users of Ableton Live, as it puts more stability in the equation.

Stay tuned for more news from them, and a thumbs up from us to them for this move.

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