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Events: A new category on our blog that provides information about relevant meetups

At Re-Compose, it is our aim to provide you with not only great and easy-to-use products for music production but also an outstanding customer service. We hope that the most recent update of Liquid Notes brings us a step closer to fulfilling that claim. Adding events to our blog is another way to service you better.

Some of you we have been meeting repetitively at different events across the world. Others we have never met. However, we value being in touch with you and learning from each of you. Or, simply sharing our music production tips and tricks with others and, above all, learning a few tricks from you. Last but not least we are eager to learn how we can improve our product.

It is from that perspective that we are adding this category to our blog, to inform you about meetups in your area for an improved connection with you, and to present you with the chance of being part of the community of music producers.

With so many events in this segment happening around the world, we are starting with those organizers who we are already personally in touch with.

Ableton User Group Meeting: Tips'n'Tricks

Lenny Kiser is an Ableton Certified Trainer with years of experience in music production as an audio engineer, dance music producer, and instructor. He has recently opened his own music production school in San Francisco where he is now teaching classes on Ableton Live.

Today's meetup in SF will look into tips and tricks to get your project done, setting aside time and figuring out your production workflow. Besides that, the attendees will also discuss live performance and topics related to music theory, such as chord progressions that work well in certain scenarios.

Liquid Notes isn't part of the discussion yet, as Lenny only got his hands on it a few hours ago. Be sure that it will be added to future meetups.

Find out more about this meetup on the Ableton User Group's event page. Please say hello from us if you attend!

Also, check out his Ableton 101 Intro course.

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