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Making music and creative strategies for electronic music producers

It's a common phenomenon when making a piece of music: you've put your kit together, recorded parts of a song and suddenly you are stuck. Or, you may get stuck already before, with no help on how to make it a step further.

That's another unfinished piece sitting in your drawer, and an unpleasant feeling all together.

But there is hope in the form of a new book.

"Making Music. 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers."

Dennis DeSantis studied classical composition, music theory and percussion. Over the years he has become familiar with the roadblocks that may prevent you from completing a piece of music. In his book with the above title he talks about those common problems that music producers run into, and lays them out clearly.

More than that, he then presents solutions for each of those problems in a simple and clear manner. While the book is written with electronic music producers in mind, it has some appeal for other types of music, too. After all, it is the patterns that will sound familiar with you when encountering one of those roadblocks.

Only downside we could identify is that the book is currently sold out and there is no date mentioned for when it will become available again.

Find all relevant information about Dennis' book at Ableton's website.

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