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Creativity Explored: A New Approach to Music Production with Liquid Notes

This article was written by Kristiel Laettner of, and originally appeared on their blog. We have republished it here for your reading pleasure!

Do you also feel like expressing yourself creatively in one way or another? You are not alone. This is a fact of human nature. However, with our world becoming more complicated every day, universal creativity is in decline, causing an ever growing emptiness in our lives. We all consume music on a daily basis and a majority claims to be in need of it like water and air. But most people would want to--but cannot--actively make music.

Express Yourself Creatively in a New Way

One needs a vast amount of knowledge and lots of experience to compose a piece of music. Sequencers, which are used to create music digitally and are the most widely spread means of music production, are super complicated pieces of software to handle. An idea by itself is not enough to build gripping rhythmic patterns or enjoyable melody lines by these systems, let alone more complex structure like harmony.

It's part of human nature to express oneself creatively. But without proper training and lots of experience, for most people getting from a musical idea to a complete music production using present-day music software is nearly impossible.

Intuitive Method for Musical Creativity

Liquid Notes is a new generation of tool for music production that takes the complexity back to music making, without any complexity for the user behind it. Musical analysis atomizes a piece and detects its various musical elements and their correlations. Musical adaptation (resynthesis) builds meaningful musical context from various input data (e.g. melodies, bass lines, chords, loops, rhythmic patterns, etc.).

Simple on the outside, sophisticated and intelligent inside.

Make Your Song Completely Different Quickly

So, how does Liquid Notes work in practice, you may ask? Start off by either loading one of the templates, or open a MIDI file that you composed in your digital audio workstation (DAW). Liquid Notes will perform a deep harmonic analysis and lay out the chords in front of you by means of rectangular boxes that represent a chord. Each of these boxes comes with a vertical slider with a knob and three buttons at the top end of the box. The chord symbol is indicated on top of it.

Move the slider up or down to substitute a chord, hold down the Alt-button on your keyboard to twist the knob and thereby add more color (tension) for this chord, or click on one of the three buttons to select entirely different chord functions (tonic, subdominant, dominant) with strong musical effect. Any changes made are instantly applied to the entire arrangement, with adjustments to melodies, chords and any melodic elements in context with harmonic changes being processed by the software.

Play along to a song flawlessly on your computer's keyboard or a MIDI input device. Just hit the play button and start to improvise, Liquid Notes will put the notes right where you want them. For all of the above you can use Liquid Notes in standalone, playing sounds through its built-in synths, or you connect it to your favorite DAW and access your virtual instruments. A setup wizard does all the routing for you automatically for you. It's really that easy, and it's a lot of fun. With Liquid Notes you're always just a click away of making your song sound special.

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