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Grown Up: An overhauled design for much better usability and way more in Liquid Notes

Today, we are bringing you a major update of Liquid Notes: We have spent the past weeks working long hours for a much improved layout of the user interface. It now gives first-time users a better understanding of our software and more control.

This update is now ready for you to download from our website, free of charge for users who purchased a license of Liquid Notes in the past.

And it doesn't stop here. This update has to offer a lot more!

A new design and layout for better usability

The new Liquid Notes. Much better, and with many more features.

We have spent lot of time analyzing how to improve the user interface of Liquid Notes. It became clear that the old layout we had been using for a while presented some complexities and anomalies interfering with a straightforward workflow: in particular, the multi-functional control element for chord substitution and tension needed to become a thing of the past.

We have conducted experiments to understand the ideal workflow in full detail and get a very deep understanding about what you did like and didn't like with the old user interface. That knowledge has been translated into the design we present to you today.

A closer look at the changes of the control elements

Most important, as mentioned above, was dismantling the multi-function knob. This has led us to assign one control element each for chord substitution, tension, and function. We have chosen to go with a slider for functions, as this allows you to identify cadences in your piece visually and immediately. Tension and chord substitution are now controlled by rotary knobs.

As before, colors indicate the deviation from musical conventionality: The outer rings of the rotary knobs now feature these color codings for their respective function, whereas on top of the chord region a horizontal indicator provides an average value of the conventionality (or unusualness) of the respective chord. We know this will give you a much better command over your song.

You are now able to jump directly to a preferred chord simply by clicking on the chord symbol, which will open drop-down lists with all available chords. And you can use this feature to learn more about the theory of harmony.

The track view gives you more control

We've also added a track view that provides a high-level overview of your musical arrangements on a single-instrument level. Each track is displayed over the full length of your song, providing familiarity with what you are used to from your DAW. It also provides you with much better navigation through your song.

The track view only serves as an overview, it is not a detailed piano roll.

Better support for Ableton Live

Ableton Live doesn't support the export of multi-channel MIDI arrangements. So we have built a “multiple single-track import” feature for Liquid Notes. This should solve a big problem for Live users, and it’s very straightforward.

Simply drag and drop two or more single-track MIDI files which were exported from Live into Liquid Notes at once. A dialog box will show asking you if you would like to combine them. A wizard will take you through the next steps. That's it!

More stability

The installation package of Liquid Notes for Mac now also contains the Java Runtime Environment. This prevents issues if Java is not installed on your computer, or you haven't made an update to the latest version required by Liquid Notes.

Download the new Liquid Notes now!

The new version is available on our website for download. There is no need to uninstall a previous version of Liquid Notes. Simply download, install, and launch the application.

If your test period has expired, please launch Liquid Notes and hit "Request trial reactivation" in the licensing info dialogue box that is shown or get in touch with us at

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