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A great year with lots of interesting conversations, and much more yet to come

It's that day of the year again where everyone is wrapping up about what happened over the past 12 months, and what there is to come yet. There's been plenty for us to look back to, especially those conversations in bringing the product forward another step.

Here are our top moments of the year, and what we see next.

Delivering great customer service and building a community with you

We believe that working together with you is the single most valuable asset we have created ever since launching Liquid Notes. And we don't say this lightly - we thoroughly enjoy the conversations we have had with each of you, as it gives us a unique perspective of how you look at what we do and how we could make our products better.

In the next days, we will give you an outlook of what that may look like, and here's an invitation from us already to join those development efforts with us next year. It's always best to have you involved early, so you're in the driving seat when it matters most.

Now back a step, with Liquid Notes for Live we did also launch a quasi plug-in for Ableton Live 9. While that has received the applause of many, it may have caused a sour taste with others not using Ableton Live as their DAW of choice. As we repeatedly keep saying, it is something that we are in constant touch with the manufacturers of those DAWs in order to find a solution for a one-size fits all integration into the DAW. Unfortunately, we couldn't make this happen in 2014 .. and we'll keep on pushing for a standard to be agreed upon in the new year.

With that back to the present: any additions we'd like to bring to our intelligent composing assistant will be discussed with you previously. More on that also soon.

Besides this, we'll strive to continue the level of service that you are used to - quick to reply, and delivering meaningful support for the questions you have. With that said, we'll be back in 2015 with you and a more, better Liquid Notes.

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