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Be Different: A "double shot against matter-of-fact music"

Product reviews are always a great start in the day, especially if the editor calls Liquid Notes a tool that counters unemotional music. That causes a smile to our face, we love to bring a bit more color to your life!

Amazona took our intelligent music composition tool for a spin. Here's a brief summary of the result.

Liquid Notes makes music more emotional

Briefly summed up, the author liked the original concept and the simple operation of the software, as well as the fact that it works in standalone. Their verdict states that our software fulfills its function sufficiently well, and that there is the potential for much more to be added to it.

To that end, the limited feature set is negative for them today - they'd love to see harmonization of a soprano as a useful addition, which has been noted down by us to the list of things to look into for future updates of Liquid Notes.

Making ends meet with software

There are limitations to everything, and as such Liquid Notes - in its current state - can only add to learning music theory (be it through studying or playing), but not entirely replace it. However, we believe the interactivity of our intelligent music production tool plays a vital role in making harmony more accessible to you, which has been confirmed by many of you.

We're thankful for every thorough review, and thus we are also happy about the thoroughness and level of detail this test has been done.

You can read the full product review on Amazona's website. The article is available in German only!

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