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A comprehensive and applicable guide in learning music theory for bass players

No, this is not the course we promised you for learning harmony. This course was developed by a friend of ours, Ariane Cap, who is a bass player and has a big heart for musicians. Out came a lovely book on understanding the basics of music theory, using a compelling learning approach.

Let us explain why we think it's worth buying if you're a bass player.

Music theory courses and what makes the difference

We presented an outline for a course in learning chord progressions about a year ago in this article on our community page. That allowed us to collect a lot of feedback, which resulted in a lot of learnings: make a long story short, most courses are plain boring to work on so users drop out fairly quickly and never make it even to the halfway mark.

That is quite depressing, to say the least. There's got to be a better way in teaching music theory, and staying practical all the while.

Again taking a shortcut here not to bore you with the nitty gritty details of such a task, this is what Ariane has achieved in her book "Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom". She's done a great job in keeping things simple and entertaining.

While it is virtually impossible to tap into the basics, she nevertheless manages to do well in providing plenty of music examples and go deep with you. That's very different from what others offer on the market, and hence why we recommend it in full. The reviews she's got so far speak a clear language, this is great for bass players.

You can purchase her book directly at Amazon. It ships worldwide, and is with you within days normally.

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