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A call for feedback for an online mastering solution developed by friends

Our friends from Masterlizer have asked for help to bring their product in its current beta to the attention of our community. They are now collecting feedback early in the product development life cycle to better understand the needs of users.

With that said, find information herewith about them and what exactly they are looking for.

Product development and feedback at Masterlizer

Masterlizer is an online mastering solution developed by the team around Maximilian Kamenar, a fellow of ours here in Vienna. Tapping in the local eco system of developers of sophisticated music algorithms, they spent a lot of effort to develop intelligent algorithms which assist musicians in the quest to find the perfect sound for a particular environment.

While other online mastering solutions focus on a narrow band of frequencies that are simply up- or down-gauged, Masterlizer looks at the entire frequency range in your song and provides ample opportunities to correct that. Albeit, it comes with a simple user interface that limits the amount of filters, etc which one can make adjustments to - rather, algorithms take away some of the pain of mastering by cleverly limiting the scope of what you can adjust without compromising the end result.

That is, Masterlizer is a solution made for semi-professional users and amateurs who want results quickly. It is not meant to be a solution that compares directly with the pro mastering done by top experts, which come in at a much higher price.

With their product now in beta, they invite you to have a go at their software and collect your feedback. As is tradition with us, this puts you straight into the driving seat - find instructions on the feedback process in this blog article on their website.

We are interested to know what you think about Masterlizer, too. Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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