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Tracktion is another intuitive, professional DAW that works well with Liquid Notes

A few weeks ago we asked our community on their interest of bringing you news about less known music production software that connects to Liquid Notes, and which some of you might want to have a go at. The answer to this initiative was a 'yes', so herewith we continue this effort and bring it one step further.

Today we have a look at Tracktion 6, a professional sequencer with an intuitive user interface.

Tracktion 6 and Liquid Notes for unlimited creativity in music production

Thanks to one of our customers, we have been made aware of Tracktion. While we invest a lot of time in scouting the market and talking to partners, the sheer flood of products available makes it hard not to oversee someone. So, being tipped by you on the existence of a great piece of software is always nice.

Tracktion was founded in 2012, albeit the company's history goes back to 2002. Ever since their reincarnation they have focused on creating the Tracktion Music Production Software, to which Tracktion 6 belongs. The latter is a professional sequencer with a refreshing user interface that is fast and easy to learn. Its tabbed projects feature makes it feel like you're working in a modern web browser much more than a typical DAW.

Why is that important? Because it enables to you to have multiple projects open at the same time, which makes is easier for you to adjust a song whenever an idea develops rather than the open-close procedure known from other sequencers. But there's obviously more to it, with a user interface that is nice, flat, and above all, intuitive.

Liquid Notes of course can be connected to Tracktion, just as it does with any other sequencer or notation software. In this FAQ we explain how to connect both applications so you're using the virtual instruments in Tracktion for sound generation.

Head over to the website of Tracktion, give them a shout if you like their software or let us know what you think about it.

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