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Standalone version of Liquid Notes features a built-in synthesizer for sound generation

Both versions of Liquid Notes come with a slightly different feature set on top of the main functions which are the same across all versions. For example, the standalone version of Liquid Notes sports a built-in synthesizer for sound generation. This enables you to work from anywhere, and without the need to connect it to a DAW.

Read here more about this built-in synthesizer, and how this translates for more comfort in your workflow.

Built-in synthesizer for offline sound generation

As mentioned above, when developing the standalone version of Liquid Notes we had opted for as much flexibility as possible after having taken the software offline entirely. This resulted in a client for installation on the desktop that comes with templates in different musical styles, a routing wizard that helps you connected to any DAW or notation software with a few clicks only, and a built-in synthesizer for sound generation.

The last item on this list is very useful when you are on the road, and do not have your entire studio setup as support infrastructure lined up. By this, you can make changes to a MIDI arrangement on the fly, for example when visiting a customer and having to make adjustments to your song.
Also, you may use the built-in synthesizer at any time when you do not wish to connect to a DAW, or don't have one available on a particular machine.

For you to engage the built-in synthesizer, when opening a project select it from the available options for the sound output source. This disables the routing to the system level (for connection to a DAW), and routes the sound information directly to the internal synthesizer in Liquid Notes.

At any time you can change the routing settings (go to menu Settings > Routing) by clicking on the button 'Auto Route'. This will bring up the wizard again, from which you can select a different sound output source.

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