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Why Liquid Notes for Live is A Separate Product from The Liquid Notes Standard Edition

Some of you have asked the question if we could design Liquid Notes in a way to make it communicate with the DAWs via the VST, AU, or AAX protocols. However, this would prove very difficult. Some others have raised the issue why Liquid Notes for Live has not been fully integrated into the Liquid Notes standard edition.

This article will help to illuminate our decision making process and explain the differences between both versions.


Special Offer for Customers of Liquid Notes to Buy Liquid Notes for Live at A Reduced Price

With the launch of the MIDI effect of Liquid Notes for Ableton Live, it is time to reward those customers who purchased Liquid Notes in the past and expressed their trust in us. We have created a special offer for the new Liquid Notes for Live that will improve your work in Ableton Live.

Ready to get started with the new Liquid Notes for Live? Here is how you can receive your special offer for the MIDI effect of Liquid Notes.


The Quest for A Better Workflow, and Why There Isn't a Plugin of Liquid Notes Yet

This has been one of the most frequently asked questions when we announced our call for beta testers on Liquid Notes for Live. So we'd like to take the time to share some more information with you and why during all those months since the launch of Liquid Notes we haven't made a VST, AU or AAX plugin yet.

It all starts with the nature of Liquid Notes being a multi-track harmony & melody editing tool that will apply any modifications to your arrangement on all tracks simultaneously.


Liquid Notes for Live is Here, Now Plugs Directly into Ableton Live

We communicated this earlier in our call for beta testers some weeks ago. And we also kept you informed on its progress for a while now. The MIDI effect of Liquid Notes for Ableton Live is finally here. It enables you to create great music effects directly in Live, only with the click of a few buttons, and within minutes.

Liquid Notes for Live. Nearly a plugin.

Most importantly, Liquid Notes for Live is almost a plug-in: It seamlessly integrates with Live. You can make changes to your MIDI clips on the fly, and hear the effects immediately in the DAW.


Interview with Roland Trimmel: 'Entrepreneurship Has Always Been in My DNA'

Magazine MN, a digital magazine on Austrian and Hungarian business, featured an interview with our Roland Trimmel looking at the entrepreneurial journey that he had taken. It covers a lot of the aspects of entrepreneurship, and how much of a marathon it is to get to your goal of creating a great product that people buy.

This interview was published by Natalie Myhalnytska of Magazine MN, the first digital magazine that covers aspects of Austrian and Hungarian business such as sustainability, CSR, marketing & sales, startups and management. Find the original interview at her magazine's website!


Cockos REAPER: A DAW offering much bang for a few bucks

Anyone shopping for a DAW at the moment but not really convinced by the the likes of Apple’s Logic, Ableton’s Live, Steinberg’s Cubase, Cakewalk’s Sonar and the rest of them?

While most of the leading DAWs are loaded with bells and whistles you may soon start to see through the shining armor and wonder whether or not there is available an audio-workstation that’s straight forward to tackle, excellent in quality and doesn’t force you to make this crucial decision towards the plug-in format you will have to use in the future. And most importantly - you shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to afford it.