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Templates in Liquid Notes help you make the first steps with harmony

The standalone version of Liquid Notes contains a number of templates for you to select when making the first steps with the software and with harmony. They allow you to experiment with musical examples of various styles and with major or minor chords in different keys.

Learn more about those templates, and where to find them in Liquid Notes.


Connect Liquid Notes to any available DAW and enjoy making music

With such a vast portfolio of DAWs available on the market, customers often ask us how to establish the routing settings to a DAW we have never heard of. This brings us to a point at which we ask ourselves if our community has ever heard of that product? And, if it is relevant for you?

Today we'd like to try something new and check its relevance for our community.


Merge identical chords in Liquid Notes to be able to edit a succession of chords faster

In Liquid Notes you have the option to either work on each chord separately, or you can merge identical chords so that a succession of single chords will be summed up and represented by one chord only. This enables faster editing of such chords, and can save you plenty of time when making changes to your arrangement.

Learn more about how this works hereafter.


Both versions of Liquid Notes now compatible with Java 8 on Windows

It's been a while since we have started work on this, but today we are happy to finally announce a version of Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live that is compatible with Java 8. On Windows, that is. Unfortunately, there is still an unsolved issue with Java 8 which needs to be solved by Oracle before we can deliver a version to you.

Here is more information why it took us so long to get this out the door and how you can upgrade to the latest version of Liquid Notes if you are a Windows user.


Liquid Notes identifies scale and scale changes in your MIDI arrangement

For some of you this may be news, for others it's known anyway. Nevertheless, it's our job to inform you on the capabilities of Liquid Notes - and, today is another feature that we are highlighting in a dedicated blog post.

Here is more on identifying the key of your arrangement, and any changes to it, in Liquid Notes.


New formats take centre stage at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia

Music Tech Fest is an initiative powered by the European Union to bolster more innovation in music, and related fields. The format has toured much of Europe last year, having seen great events in a number of European cities and left many impressed by what is to come in music yet.

#MTFScandi brings the Music Tech Fest to Sweden, with a focus on new formats in music.