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Giving you more choice to buy Liquid Notes local, now also in Spain

We have worked relentlessly over the past weeks to give you more choice to buy local. It's important for us that you can buy Liquid Notes at your preferred reseller of choice with whom you have built a relationship already.

Today we are glad to add that Liquid Notes is now available at dealers in Spain.


Beat Lab Academy opens doors in Los Angeles, offers Ableton Live Certified courses

We had the pleasure to meet with Yeuda Ben-Atar, an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, some months ago in his neighborhood in L.A. This is when he told us about his plans to launch a new school of modern electronic music production.

Now he has pulled the curtains off his project, and we're glad to report that Beat Lab Academy is accepting the first batch of students.


Liquid Notes is on sale until end of the month at select resellers

We have agreed on a special promotion with resellers across the US and UK for the remainder of the month of February. This deal includes both versions of Liquid Notes, the standalone version which connects to all DAWs and the MIDI effect for Ableton Live 9.

In case you were thinking about making a purchase of Liquid Notes, here is more information on where to find those deals.


Out-of-date Java versions and risk of serious security vulnerabilities

One of our users of Liquid Notes today pointed out that Oracle has started pushing the latest build of Java 8, Update 31, to users. With the installer of that version comes a tool that checks for out-of-date versions of Java on your machine.

Out-of-date Java versions and risk of security threats.

While that is a good thing to clean your system of out-of-date versions of Java, many of you will be surprised by the text it reads in that tool when detecting any old version of Java: "Your machine is at risk for serious security vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended that you promptly uninstall out-of-date versions."

Find herewith more information on this issue.


Updated setup instructions for the routing between FL Studio and Liquid Notes

FL Studio remains a popular DAW with many of you, so we decided that it's time to update the information on establishing the connection with Liquid Notes. The new FAQ puts an emphasis on the MIDI routing settings you need to verify for each VSTi.

Read on for more information on this, and find the link to the FAQ hereafter.


Common errors when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live

We spend a lot of time making our software better, and a large part of that exercise revolves around listening to your feedback and engaging in conversations with you. Any software is always just as good as the person who designed it. So learning from you is of utter importance.

Time and again we realize that some people struggle when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live. So here is a short summary of the most commonly experienced issues and where to find information on resolving them.