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Out-of-date Java versions and risk of serious security vulnerabilities

One of our users of Liquid Notes today pointed out that Oracle has started pushing the latest build of Java 8, Update 31, to users. With the installer of that version comes a tool that checks for out-of-date versions of Java on your machine.

Out-of-date Java versions and risk of security threats.

While that is a good thing to clean your system of out-of-date versions of Java, many of you will be surprised by the text it reads in that tool when detecting any old version of Java: "Your machine is at risk for serious security vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended that you promptly uninstall out-of-date versions."

Find herewith more information on this issue.


Common errors when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live

We spend a lot of time making our software better, and a large part of that exercise revolves around listening to your feedback and engaging in conversations with you. Any software is always just as good as the person who designed it. So learning from you is of utter importance.

Time and again we realize that some people struggle when making the first steps with Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live. So here is a short summary of the most commonly experienced issues and where to find information on resolving them.


A great year with lots of interesting conversations, and much more yet to come

It's that day of the year again where everyone is wrapping up about what happened over the past 12 months, and what there is to come yet. There's been plenty for us to look back to, especially those conversations in bringing the product forward another step.

Here are our top moments of the year, and what we see next.


Xmas deals for Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live for you to chose from

We've almost reached the end of the year again, and with that comes a time of special offers for you to snatch up that bargain you may have been looking for. This year shouldn’t be any different.

Xmas special offers of Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live.

Here is an overview of the latest deals for Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live:


Prime symbol at chord names in Liquid Notes, and differences to Chord Track in Cubase

With Steinberg having released Cubase 8 some days ago, a few of you have asked what the difference between the Chord Track function in Cubase and Liquid Notes is. Notably, there's been other people inquiring about the symbol (') sometimes added to chords in Liquid Notes for reharmonization.

Here is an attempt to shed more light on both topics.


Update on music theory course with and new layout of user interface of Liquid Notes

Over the past months, we have been delighted by the quantity and depth of your feedback for a new user interface of Liquid Notes and an interactive music theory course. And we thoroughly enjoyed going deep and back and forward with some of you to understand what it is that you'd expect from such a tool.

Taken all together and laying that feedback and requirements out on a product development roadmap, we can say that the features you requested would definitely turn Liquid Notes into a powerful “musical sketchpad” that lays the basis for a new generation of intelligent music instruments. And, given that such a tool would also provide an interactive mode to teach music theory, there certainly is potential for success.