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Screen mirroring on MacBook Pro Retina garbles Liquid Notes' user interface

We've identified a problem related to screen mirroring on devices with a Retina display. Whenever you enable this feature on your MacBook Pro, the user interface of Liquid Notes becomes unusable: there's some black, pink and white lines running vertically through the screen.

This is limited to MacBook Pro's with Retina displays only, and only if in mode screen mirroring.


Not being able to establish the connection to Live caused by firewall or no notes in scene

After last week's post on antivirus or Internet security software resulting in an error of granting insufficient rights to the license manager, we can now confirm another possible problem with such software: the firewall of these applications may block communication between Liquid Notes for Live and Ableton Live, resulting in the error message "The connection to Live could not be established".

We've also identified another possibility on how you could run into that same error, which so far went unnoticed.


Antivirus or Internet security software causing an error ".. not sufficient privileges"

Over the past weeks a few users have reported receiving an error message "The service doesn't have sufficient privileges. Please reinstall." after first installation or an update of Liquid Notes. This results in you not being able to use Liquid Notes, or complete the authorization of the software.

We have investigated this problem now, and identified the root cause and a procedure to fix this issue.


Crowdsourcing a New User Interface for Liquid Notes Together With You

Ever since the introduction of Liquid Notes we have focused on involving you strongly in our product development. Today, we'd like to take this to a new level in making you part of the conception phase and working together with you on the next user interface of Liquid Notes.

Asking you to create a new user interface for Liquid Notes with us.

In other words, we are giving you the keys to directly steer the future of Liquid Notes and have the possibility to influence where we are heading to with the product.


Mastermind Keynote on the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Music Instruments

We're stoked today, 'cause finally there is a conference that puts artificial intelligence and music instruments forward as a topic of discussion. And it's not a small conference either, A3E is where all major names in the music tech & gear business attend. Even better that we've been selected to be part of the round of panelists for the keynote.

And that is absolutely awesome! There will be Marcus Ryle of Line 6, Steven Slate of Slate Digital, David Mash of Berklee College of Music along with our Stefan M. Oertl, and Scott Kirschner from the Boston Globe moderating the panel discussion.

What a huge honor to speak there, we're really blessed for this opportunity!