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Liquid Notes identifies scale and scale changes in your MIDI arrangement

For some of you this may be news, for others it's known anyway. Nevertheless, it's our job to inform you on the capabilities of Liquid Notes - and, today is another feature that we are highlighting in a dedicated blog post.

Here is more on identifying the key of your arrangement, and any changes to it, in Liquid Notes.


New formats take centre stage at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia

Music Tech Fest is an initiative powered by the European Union to bolster more innovation in music, and related fields. The format has toured much of Europe last year, having seen great events in a number of European cities and left many impressed by what is to come in music yet.

#MTFScandi brings the Music Tech Fest to Sweden, with a focus on new formats in music.


Making music and creative strategies for electronic music producers

It's a common phenomenon when making a piece of music: you've put your kit together, recorded parts of a song and suddenly you are stuck. Or, you may get stuck already before, with no help on how to make it a step further.

That's another unfinished piece sitting in your drawer, and an unpleasant feeling all together.

But there is hope in the form of a new book.


The evolution of music, and how music itself turns into technology

We are living in times where technological progress is simply astonishing. The rate of change us humans have created over the past decades is mind-blowing. Innovation follows innovation at a rapid pace, and there is no end in sight.

What does this mean for music? Is it affected too? In an article on the future of music we look into this, and talk about the inevitable destiny.


Import a MIDI arrangement into Liquid Notes and have all chords identified

Today we are starting a series of posts with information about different features of Liquid Notes. Its aim is to tell users more about what they can do with our intelligent MIDI composing assistant, so they get the most out of it.

As a first feature in this series, we're looking at Liquid Notes' ability to identify chords.


New video series explaining all features of Liquid Notes, one video at a time

In many conversations with you we got to understand that often some features built into Liquid Notes are unknown to you, or remain undetected. Hence, you may not be able to exploit the full potential of our intelligent MIDI composing assistant.

To counteract this, we have set out to create a series of short videos that explain a feature each in short videos.