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About Re-Compose

The History of Re-Compose

Starting in 2007, Recompose has been developing pioneering methods and technologies for digital music production and optimal music perception. Recompose software makes music fully adaptive, where all elements of a music composition can be recomposed or rearranged in real time through sensor or human input. This leads to the development of intelligent tools for music composers and producers that help them get new and complex musical ideas (i.e. melodies, chords and harmony, accompaniments, rhythm patterns, etc.), deliver these ideas fast, and optimize the impact of music.

Re-Compose is currently based in Vienna, Austria and Los Angeles, CA.

The People of Re-Compose

Portrait Stefan Oertl

Dr. Stefan M. Oertl

CEO and Head of Development

Stefan is the founder of Re-Compose. He holds a doctorate of natural sciences in psychology from the Vienna University (music psychology and cognition) and a MSc in Computer Graphics and Animation from the Vienna University of Technology.

In addition to his traditional education in classical piano and harpsichord, he completed the film scoring program at the University of Southern California's prestigious Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles. Among his media-related productions is the sound concept (sound design and ambient music design) for the documentary “Shadowing the Third Man”. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 as one of the festival’s official selection and was awarded the overall first prize at the Festival di Palazzo Venezia Arte in 2006.

During his scientific and creative career (in ongoing associations with universities), he has been professionally analyzing the structures and mechanics of highly effective music, with a focus on commercial productions and technical applications. His key interests lie in the psychological mechanics of trance, psytrance, and techno leading to altered states of awareness and an "optimal experience", as well as the general evolution of mainstream music.

Portrait Roland Trimmel

Roland Trimmel

Head of Sales and Operations

Roland is a serial entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in Internet, tech, and music startups. During his career, he has been living and working in numerous places around the globe. His fluency in five languages and a passion for foreign cultures equip him with a deep understanding for customer needs in diversified markets.

With strong business acumen, he is the antithesis of the creative and scientific team, shaping the organization and its processes from within. He is an excellent networker with a sharp sense for product alignment and market needs, perpetually raising the bar for our venture.

Social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Portrait Markus Rogan

Markus Rogan

Head of Athlete Engagement

Markus is one of Austria’s most successful Summer Athletes of all time (he also tried skiing, but he sucks compared to the Austrian skiers). He won two Olympic Medals in Swimming, one World Championship and nine European Championships. He broke the world record twice and carried Austria’s flag at the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Since ending his career as an athlete, Markus has become a psychotherapist and peak performance consultant in Beverly Hills, CA. A graduate of Stanford University, he now conducts research at UCLA and works with Olympic Athletes and Fortune 500 executives in their quest to reach their highest potential. He is also still trying to become a better skier.

Find more about Markus on his website.

Portrait Ariane Cap

Ariane Cap

Head of Education

Ariane is an experienced bassist, educator, and author of the highly rated book "Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom". She is a great asset for situations where musical performance and training is used in traditional contexts, such as stage, studio, class rooms, and universities.

As an educator, she has been giving workshops and seminars all over the US. With her recently completed book on learning music theory she comes with a wealth of knowledge on how to design such a course for optimum effect with students. Her knowledge will shape our products, starting with Liquid Notes and beyond.

Above and beyond, she also strives to facilitate empowerment and optimism through music.

Social networks: Blog, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn

Portrait Sara J. Crow

Sara J. Crow

Head of Community and Social Media

Sara is an expert in content, communications and community management. She's served as Editor-in-Chief or Contributing Writer for various magazines in and around music, and has always felt close to home with artists.

Since her start in magazine writing and editing she's ventured further into social media and content marketing, running campaigns with the coolest and hippest brands. She's been promoting online long before the dawn of MySpace, and is exploring new galaxies at the intersection of creativity, technology and science with us.

Social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog

Portrait Karl Moestl

Karl Moestl

Head of Artist and Creative Marketing

Karl is one of Austria's top music producers & DJ's. He runs Moestl Studios, a music production facility for film scoring and corporate sound branding. With the experience of more than 350 DJ gigs and live performances, Karl knows how to drive the crowd wild and keep them dancing till the morning sun.

He was one of the first artists to combine classical DJing with some live jamming and a blend of electronic toys creating something he refers to as ”Dirty Electronic Fusion”, a burning cocktail of Tech House, Techno, Deep Tech and progressive electronic music. His tracks have been airing on radio stations worldwide followed by outstanding reviews in major music magazines.

Social networks: YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud

Portrait Stefan Lattner

Stefan Lattner

Project Manager and Chief Developer

Stefan is a computer scientist and is experienced in music composition, live staging, and audio recording. In 2009, he attained his bachelor's degree of Media Technology in Hagenberg, Austria and currently works on his Master's thesis of Computing at the University of Linz.

His interest in both artificial intelligence and music led to his passion of bringing these fields together to enable computers to better understand and process musical input. In 2009, Stefan became part of the Recompose team and two years later he gained the position of Project Manager for Liquid Notes.

Portrait Gerrit Wunder

Gerrit Wunder

Film Music Composer

Gerrit studied classical composition, jazz composition, and film music at the University of Music in Vienna. As a freelance and prize-winning film and TV composer, he writes and produces for major European and American film productions, TV stations, and commercials.

He is one of the very few composers in the world who consecutively won both the prestigious ASCAP Competition and BMI Award for Aspiring Film Composers in Los Angeles. As a result, he was asked to work with Mike Post on the US hit series "Law and Order". Post, considered the most successful composer in television history, refers to Wunder as having "that special gift of writing music in a way that places him a cut above the rest in the field."

Gerrit currently resides in Los Angeles, California. After working on music for the documentary "Na Naia - Legend of the Dolphins" featuring stars such as Kate Winslet, Daryl Hannah and Megan Fox, he is currently working on different international movie trailer and TV projects.

Find out more about Gerrit on his website.

Advisors of Re-Compose

Portrait Simon Sollberger

Simon Sollberger

Creative Mind with strong expertise in Design & Brand and Audio Technology. Always at the cutting edge of all sorts of technology and deep into industry trends that shape fresh ideas and product design.

Social networks: LinkedIn

Portrait Walter Werzowa

Walter Werzowa

Audio Branding guru and expert in Music & Healing. Creator of the world-famous Intel mnemonic, and founder of Musikvergnuegen - Hollywood's leading music production studio for Audio Identity/Branding.

Social networks: LinkedIn

Portrait Martin W. Drexler

Martin W. Drexler

Multi-Channel Strategist and expert in Digital, Communication Design and New Media- & Marketing Strategies. Enabler and Professor for Multimedia & Audiovisual/Media Business at Die Graphische in Vienna, Austria.

Social networks: LinkedIn

Partners of Re-Compose

Recompose is proud to have established partnerships with a number of leading players in the music industry: NTS Audio Labs (Tools and Sounds for Professional DJ Producers), Dance MIDI Samples (The ultimate Pro MIDI, Production Template and WAV Resource), and others with whom agreements are pending.

The company also retains a close partnership with Alpha Trace, a pioneer in the digital EEG field and internationally recognized developer of neurophysiology equipment.

Supporters of Re-Compose

Recompose is supported by: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Innovation Into Business (INiTS) and Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS).

Science and Research at Re-Compose

Recompose's origins are in academia. We tackle the creation and experience of music from various, partly uncommon angles through work in the domains of psychology, informatics, and commercial music production. Find more information about this work on page Science and Research.